The Dakshin Ganga or Godavari where Rama is said to have spent most of his 14 years of exile and Guru Gobind Singh who breathed his last on its banks. This holy river and its basin have over 900 dams, some still under construction. One wonders if Rama or Guru Gobind would have built so many dams and what their priorities of water usage would have been. The National Water Policy has set the water allocation priorities as drinking water, irrigation, hydropower, navigation, industrial and finally to other uses. However, 70% of water is being used for irrigation, mostly to grow sugarcane and a large part of the remaining water is used for industries and in the end, comes drinking water, which is also prioritized, first cities and then the rural parts. The same applies to all the rivers that flow across Maharashtra. Where does faith or religion play a role in protecting water? Nanded, Maharashtra.
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