Prasad, “I have taken a loan of Rs 10000/- from a private moneylender, he comes every day and takes Rs 100/- from me. I know I’ll be paying more interest, which is Rs 2000/- for three months, but the bank won’t give me a loan without collateral and I have to make several trips to the bank. With the moneylender, I just have to make a call and he’ll come and give me the loan and doesn’t ask for collateral.” Won’t you spend your own money and move the shop by six inches? “No, if I spend that kind of money and renovate the shop and the Panchayat doesn’t give me a license, where will I go. I have had this shop for the past seventeen years, and I’ve paid whatever fees that had to be paid to the Panchayat and I still have no license.”

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