Soil health and chemical farming

Soil is a finite resource and the soil in one of the farms in Kookalthorai, Nilgiris has lost its nutrients, very close to being dead because of overuse of chemicals and monocropping. The farmers can harvest for just a few more years and they’ll soon run out of the soil. Some drastic measures need to be taken. What could be done to keep the soil healthy and the farmer can get a good harvest year on year?

“The only way to keep the soil alive and make sure my livelihood continues, is to put chemical fertilizers onto the soil and every six months I get a truckload of manure from Mettupalayam and I mix it with the soil hoping to get the nutrients back. If I move to organic farming, I can’t meet the market demand. How do you think I can produce so many tons of broccoli, zucchini or lettuce? There is no other way.” says Shanmugam, Kookalthorai, Nilgiris. How is the market responsible for pesticides in our food? Are we consuming more than we require?

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