The compensation for farmer’s suicide is not fair at all. My father is quite old and cannot farm anymore, my brother took the loan in our father’s name as we did not have enough money to make the transfer in the land papers. So when my brother committed suicide it was not considered a farmer’s suicide so we don’t get any compensation that the government gives. We did get Rs 30000 out the Rs 100000 which was given but nothing else and the fixed deposit of Rs 70000 which is in the name of his wife and three children. The kids go to school and his wife works on the farm. This is about it.” Have the people from the banks stopped coming to your house? “They keep coming or send SMS but we don’t have the money to pay. Our loan repayment entirely depends on us getting a good harvest and we do all we can to get a good harvest, unfortunately, everything is dependent on external factors.” Leeladhar Prahalad Wahane works as an admin at a school in Ridhora, Nagpur, Maharashtra.

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