In 2015 I got a call from a farmer in Mandya, Mr. K Boraiah about a spate of suicide in the district. The bore-wells has failed, the rains had failed and to make matters worse the sugar factories had buying sugarcane from the farmers. All these factors forced the farmer to the extreme step. C Rajendra, a farmer in Srirangapatna district wrote a note to farmers’ association and to the government before taking his life. Raitha Sangha (Farmer Association)
“I, C Rajendra of Chinnenahalli, Srirangapattana taluka, offering my last thanks to all my farmer friends and Raitha Sangha (Farmer Association). You were the expression and hope of farmers by raising your voice against injustices in the farming community. Unfortunately, now the voice of farmers union is diminishing and the farming community is in trouble. Do not allow the voice to die and fight against all injustices on farmers. I hope that farmers will regain their voices. My last salutes to all. 18/06/15 To the government I, C Rajendra of Channenahalli, Srirangapattana, grown many crops as a farmer. Currently, I have grown sugarcane, vegetables, and banana. However, no support price for any crop has led to huge losses. Now, I am frustrated with my life. Hence, committing suicide.” C Rajendra 18/06/2015
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