Introducing Rain Fed Agricultural Systems

Diversity is the one word that characterises the rainfed agricultural areas of India, spread over 77 million hectares of the country. Diversity of the cultures and cuisines of the indigenous communities that live there. Diversity of flora and fauna. Diversity of crops and cropping patterns. And diversity in topography, rainfall patterns and soils. … Continue readingIntroducing Rain Fed Agricultural Systems

People And Water – A Global Concern With Localised Solutions

By Nayantara Lakshman

The ownership of water preservation and conservation is not only for indigenous and rural communities, but also for all of us who live in larger towns and cities. It is in fact us who consume more than needed, simply because we seldom witness the element of scarcity as our taps always provide more than enough water.

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Wading Over The Muddy Fields

“On a hot sunny day, when I was travelling for work across the paddy fields of East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, which is famous for its lush green paddy fields. The sight of the vast expanses of the water filled paddy fields, stretched up to the horizon, iridescently glistening under the bright tropical
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Fluoride Issue In Nalgonda District In The State Of Telangana

Nalgonda district in the state of Telangana saw the first case of Fluorosis in 1937, and in the following years, about 1108 habitations were severely affected. According to the District Fluoride Monitoring Centre (DFMC), over 19 lakh population of Nalgonda are at risk because of the high concentration of fluoride found in groundwater. … Continue readingFluoride Issue In Nalgonda District In The State Of Telangana