“We rear fish in this pond for about two months and sell them in the market. This gives us as much money as the labour work we do and it’s seasonal. We buy waste vegetables from the market and feed the fish.” If there is a problem you face what would it be? “What problem? If you don’t have work then it’s a problem, when you have work to do then there is no problem. When you don’t have money to spend then there’s a problem.” Why would you not take a loan from the bank to build your business? “People like me belonging to a lower caste (Ezhavas) are born in debt and there is nothing we own. When there is nothing why would you need a loan? Who’ll give us a loan? Problems come to the people who have a lot, when you have nothing then there’s no problem. And the labour class will never get a loan, that’s the difference. Most of the loans we take are for medical issues or build a house or for marriage and it’s taken against the collateral of the house and a house that’s taken away within a year.” Udayakumar (left), Polpully, Palakkad, a construction worker, and a part-time fisherman.

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