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Raju And Kantharaju From Tannenahalli In Tumkur District Of Karnataka (Transcript)

Kantharaju: Farmers’ story is just this, if it rains we can harvest else there is nothing, we face
drought, the farmer has to do something to survive. We are not able to cover basic farming costs,
manure, labour, tractor hiring, the costs are too high. With all of this, the farmer can never prosper.
He has been fighting nonstop but has not found … Continue readingRaju And Kantharaju From Tannenahalli In Tumkur District Of Karnataka (Transcript)

Wading Over The Muddy Fields

“On a hot sunny day, when I was travelling for work across the paddy fields of East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, which is famous for its lush green paddy fields. The sight of the vast expanses of the water filled paddy fields, stretched up to the horizon, iridescently glistening under the bright tropical
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Science Education And Its Inequalities

My intention through this article is to give my perspective, created through my experiences, about the state of (science) education in India; and to see the rather quirky relationship social status has with access to an appropriate form of education. These perspectives have been framed by my experiences growing up, and recently as … Continue readingScience Education And Its Inequalities