Gillan, farmer, Kookalthorai, Nilgiris. “I have 2 acres of land and I’ve been farming on this land for over 20 years. Earlier I used to grow beans, carrots, radish. Now I grow vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, and lettuce. There is no option but to do chemical farming, organic farming takes a very long time and does not give us enough returns, we want quick returns. But we stop spraying fertilizer a month before harvest and try to avoid damage to the crop. And since we use seeds that are already germinated organic fertilizer would not work on it. Also, the seller of these germinated seeds buys the harvest from us, they’d buy a kilo of broccoli from me for about Rs 15, lettuce for Rs 18 and zucchini for Rs 15.” “Why don’t you go organic? Don’t you think this soil will be dead in 5 to 7 years with so many chemicals?” “Nobody here knows how to do organic farming, someone should tell us. Also, someone must mix organic pesticide and give it to us so it works on these crops.”
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