Digging Wells To Fetch A Pail Of Water

India, the second-most populous country in the world, with about 1.3 billion population is one of the largest consumers of water. And its extremely high demand for water coupled with poor and unequal water distribution throughout the country has left people finding it extremely difficult to access water. As per Water.org, about 541 million Indians (41% of the population) lack access to improved sanitation. About 99 million (7%), don’t have access to safe water.


Water Access In Jahkau, Gujarat

Jakhau, a village in Gujarat, is one such place where people are suffering from horrid water access. Located in the Kutch district of Gujarat, this village is 15 km away from the Jakhau port where it meets the Arabian Sea.


Fluoride Issue In Nalgonda District In The State Of Telangana

Nalgonda district in the state of Telangana saw the first case of Fluorosis in 1937, and in the following years, about 1108 habitations were severely affected. According to the District Fluoride Monitoring Centre (DFMC), over 19 lakh population of Nalgonda are at risk because of the high concentration of fluoride found in groundwater.


Access To Drinking Water In Vantamamidi In The Eastern Ghats

Vantamamidi is a small village in Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh. Situated along the Eastern Ghat belt, the village is at an elevation of 792 metres.


Access To Drinking Water In Chhattisgarh For Adivasi People

Chhattisgarh is part of four major river systems; Mahandi, Ganga, Narmada, and Godawari of which 85% of the total area


Arsenic And Iron Contamination Of Groundwater

The widespread arsenic contamination of groundwater in different parts of Bihar has been found to be distributed over several blocks, located primarily in 18 districts adjoining the river Ganga


The Old Cannot Migrate

Earlier it’d rain a lot but no harvest now we look for harvest but no rains, so people make the desperate move to cities or towns looking for any kind of work..

On The Ground In The Nilgiris

The Nilgiris mountain range in South India is home to India’s first biosphere and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Behind the thick green and biodiversity, however, different pictures emerge and all is not well with the region.

Who Owns The Lakes?

Hiriyur, Chitradurga, Karnataka. Till the lakes, ponds, rivers and other surface water bodies were under the maintenance of the villagers,



The Challenges Of Serving The Maternal Health Needs Of Adivasi Women

Near the end of the epic poem Ramayana, a pregnant Sita is banished to the forest by Rama. She seeks refuge in the sage Valmiki’s ashram, and shortly thereafter, gives birth to twin boys. For at least one young feminist (me!), this familiar story aroused both anger about the gendered unfairness of Sita’s abandonment and concern about her labour and delivery deep in the forest.


Disability And Toy Making

Pitching, a businessman in Kamrup Metropolitan, Assam lost his leg 20 years ago to an infection and two months ago


Seeds Treated With Poison

The panel on the back reads, “Caution, treated with poison, do not use it for food, feed and oil purposes.”



Keep Playing

“Two footballs have been punctured in the last two years and this is the last ball that’s gone. The school


Water Stories

Girl child it is and summer is here. We have to wonder if the government policies that are in place


Drought Is At The Doorstep

It’s not a child’s concern to have access to water unless and until forced upon them by the elders. “There’s